FIFA 14™


It’s critical to state that this is still the FIFA you’ve known and loved for a number of years.


For all the noise its developer made regarding the ‘brand new’ Ignite Engine, a sense of familiarity pervades from the second you’re thrown into a Real vs Barca derby in order to learn the ropes.


It’s safe to say, you know you can never go back.



Call of Duty® : Ghosts


Infinity Ward set the gold standard for first-person action for a generation, and they're going to do it again.


Ghosts delivers an all-new story, all-new characters, an all-new Call of Duty world, all powered by a next generation Call of Duty engine, which is a leap forward for the franchise.


Infinity Ward is going all-in to create the next generation of Call of Duty worthy of the world's greatest fans.

Need for Speed™ : Rivals


Watch the stakes grow through a new scoring system that lets racers risk their speed points to shoot for higher multipliers and greater rewards, or bank their speed points safely when they return to a hideout.


The more risk you take on, the faster you can progress, but get busted by the cops and they take your speed points as a reward.


Hundreds of thousands of speed points can be at stake at every turn and at every bust – will you go from hero to zero?



It is an intense fast-paced shoot em' up developed exclusively for the PS4™ system.


Unleash a diverse array of devastating weapons including lasers, missiles, overdrive, and nova-bombs to blast hordes of enemies and rescue the last survivors from distant galactic colonies that are under ruthless attack from an evil alien invasion force.

PlayStation®4: The Best Place to Play

Greatness Awaits


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